about us

In 2016 Pierre Gay Perret and Maurits Servaas looked over Lake Nabugabo and decided to organise a nice sports event at Nabugabo.  A few months later we were happy to announce our first Triathlon at Nabugabo.  The following year we added a duathlon to enable non-swimmers to join as well. In 2021 we had invited Elite Runners to kick of the event with a 10km run.  Pierre left in 2019 Uganda, and Maurits was happy to welcome Elishama and Marlene to join the organisation. 


Since then we have developed into an organisation that organizes Duathlon and Triathlon events all over Uganda. 


But from the very beginning, we  embrace the philosophy of our Nabugabo triathlon: let's enjoy the beauty of the country, join with friends and family a nice sportive activity whereby we support the local community. And .... for those who want: we do our best to make a good competition possible!


Our races are open to individuals, families and groups.


All proceeds of the races go to a charity organisation of our choice. But.. .suggestions are welcome.